(Fluorescent PCR Method)

Coronavirus and FireGen™'Response

Innovating, Providing, and Achieving for a Healthier Future

In 2020, the Pandemic had caused many countries to be placed under lockdown, and due to the increasing deaths and cases.​ FireGen™ called its team to initiate a rapid response to this crises, allocating its recourses and team to fully commit to confronting and achieving success over this crisis, Knowing its capabilities and expertise, FireGen™ fast-tracked its production of Covid-19 detection kits, making breakthroughs in lyophilization technology for providing cold chain independence during logistics and implementing extraction-free RT-PCR kits to remove RNA/DNA extraction process and shortening operation time.

Currently, Firegen™ observed the rise in cases from the new variant of the Covid-19 globally, immediately diverting its focus on testing the detection kits on the new variant, and successfully achieving rapid testing, and detection of the new variant. This success of detection kits will provide a stepping stone, especially in heavily hit areas with Covid-19 or its new variant and to impoverished areas to conduct mass testing in a shorter duration, to effectively control the spread of the virus.

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FireAuto™ Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Systems

FireAuto™ 32, and FireAuto™ 96 is suitable for the purification of nucleic acids, capable of handling 1- 32 or 1 - 96 samples simultaneously.


Viral Molecular Transport Media - Direct to RT-PCR

Viral Molecular Transport Media - can  be directly added to RT-PCR reaction  achieving an extraction-free workflow, alleviating nucleic acid isolation instrument, kits and shortening total turnover time (TAT)


Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) RT-PCR Detection Kit

Lyophilized RT-PCR Detection Kits for Rapid and Accurate Testing, Cold Chain Independent.