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Lyophilized Microspheres Reagent

With over 10 years of dedication to the lyophilization technology, we have developed cutting-edge products for IVD, RUO by combining proteins enzymes, antibodies and chemicals into stable lyophilized microspheres packaged in a wide variety of containers.

With deep understanding of domain knowledge and expertise in lyophilization, molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology, as well as custom designed specialized equipment, we are able to develop optimal formulation for each application, with performance exceeding that of liquid, and providing outstanding stability at room temperature.


We provide lyophilized microspheres, with custom design for fast and efficient methods for testing.


1. PCR




5. Flow Cytometry Reagents

6. Control materials

Packaging Containers:

1. 8-tube strip

2. Screw-cap tubes

3. Multi-well plates

4. Microfluidic chips

5. Lateral flow devices

6. Glass vials


Single Reaction Microspheres

Instant Rehydration

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Features and Benefits:

1. Long term stability at room temperature, Cold chain independent


2. Precision, CV<5%

3.Readily dispensable and compatible with automated Microfluidic Devices

4. Customizable in wide variety of containers.

5. Proprietary high-throughput production line