Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit

FDA Registered

EU CE Marking

The FirePure™ Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid coextraction of viral DNA and RNA from a variety of biofluid samples, such as, plasma, serum, milk and swab samples.


The proprietary microspherical paramagnetic beads used in the kit have large binding surfaces and a high affinity towards nucleic acids.


From sample lysis/binding, washing, to the elution step, the whole process can be completed under 35 minutes, and yields highly pure nucleic acids elute.


The recovered nucleic acids can be used in a wide range of applications, such as PCR, RT-PCR, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, and gene chips.


The kit is designed to be used with the Firegen™ 32- and 96-sample automated nucleic acids extraction instrument and many other commercially available products.


It provides tremendous user benefits, such as, minimal manual operating steps, extremely low sample-to-sample variations, and high throughput. This Kit is capable of conducting 480 reactions.

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